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George writes 'My middle name is Wesley, my father's name was Archie and he grew up near Howly or Dent, Minnesota' (isn't there a story that one of the local mail drivers in our Grandpa Archie's neighborhood was also Archie?). He goes on to say 'My great grandfather put the first steam ship on the Red River to win a $10,000 1st prize - his steam ship was called the "North Star". His name was Anson Northup.' He also talks of some good sources - 'Candles in the Wind' by Edris Probstfield Hack was a love story set in the Red River Valley in 1853-1872, and a National Geographic book called 'We Americans' shows a George W. Northup with a pick and a bag of gold, evidently he was a schoolteacher from Minnesota and also a scout with Custer who died with 27 arrows in him (I would think there is a list somewhere? he'd be 7th Cavalry even if he didn't make it to the Little Bighorn.

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